List 121: Crazy things I made with jam last winter

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Seriously random shit


1. Because I don’t like winter fruit and decided this winter that my two-a-day fruit requirement would be met by consuming jam;
2. Because there was a shitload of stuff in the pantry that needed to go;
3. Because I like eating weird food combinations that sound wrong.

A small disclaimer: I’m not by any means saying that all of these were wonderfully delicious. In fact, there were a few concoctions that even a starving child in a third world country would want to spit out, bury deep in the ground, and pray that no other living creature would have to eat something so foul ever again. There were however, some WINNING flavours like the papaya and lime jam dressing and the rosemary and apple jelly tostaditas which, despite Nutrition Australia’s best intentions, may become staples in my two fruit-a-day diet all year round.











List 119: The anatomy of an inspirational message

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Everywhere I turn these days, be it on the street or on my social media accounts, I see hand-lettered messages in brush and ink telling me that “There’s not a hint of mediocrity in you” or to “Love your own wild.” Ugh. It’s like Oprah had sex with a hipster graphic designer and decided to spew their love-making all over the places I go to… on purpose. Vomit.

Exhibit A. Noticed in a shop in Rathdowne Village, North Carlton

Exhibit A. Noticed in a shop in Rathdowne Village, North Carlton

Don’t get me wrong. It is VERY NICE lettering, but like all things ubiquitous and pervasive, nice becomes nauseous. And only two things in life make me nauseous: 1) sitting on a tram backwards, and 2) over-used design trends that you see absolutely everywhere.

So as a form of (not-so) silent protest, I decided to deface Oprah’s love children by injecting a good dose of information design and exposing them for what they really are — a bunch of words strung together by the rules of grammar. Diagramming sentences, an obsession of mine since I was 12, is the lost art of pictorially representing the grammatical structure of a sentence. I remember my excitement when I first saw these systematic little drawings in a friend’s English notebook: they looked like root systems of plants growing sideways, sentences broken down visually into subject, predicate, direct object, prepositional phrases, noun clauses, correlative conjunctions… it was a beautiful kid-in-candy store moment.

Gertrude Stein, in her book, Lectures in America, says “I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences.” I do. It’s diagramming hand-lettered inspirational messages.


*Typeface used: Verlag by Hoefler&Co Diagramming-1 Diagramming-2 Diagramming-3 Diagramming-4 Diagramming-5 Diagramming-6

List 117: The Whirlwind Easter Holiday of 2015

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* Betsy Ross, for designing the American flag, which was used as inspiration for the design of the Philippine flag, which was then used as inspiration for the colour scheme of this post
* Haruki Murukami, Amy Fusselman and Joseph Heller for keeping me company while waiting for a grand total of 25.5 hours in various airports and my parents’ living room
* Norm, for designing Simple, the typeface used in this post (and originally designed for the Köln-Bonn Airport)
* The husband, for convincing me that the “5” would look better in yellow
* Rodrigo and Nadeja Abos, for being the best parents ever