A collection of toys that Boris killed

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Seriously random shit

To honour the memory of the poor unfortunate animals who lost their happy little lives to Boris Yeltsin (our 9-month old Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppy), I decided to do project based around the idea of the Victorian death photograph. This form of death portraiture involved people taking photographs of the dearly departed in a way that made them look like they were alive — dead children were propped up on chairs, surrounded with members of the family or items they liked. Some even went so far as painting fake eyes on their faces. In a time when epidemics scarred Victorian England, these photographs were a way of celebrating the dead and coping with grief.

To the animals who suffered at the paws of The Evil Ball of Fluff,
May they have eternal rest,
May perpetual light shine upon them,
May they rest in peace.

(And to the other animals who are not featured here but suffered none the less,
You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.)


The Evil Ball of Fluff



The Dead



Complete name: Mr Raccoon
Approximate age:
2 hours
Cause of death:



Complete name: Red Stripey Christmas Monkey
Approximate age:
3 months
Cause of death:
Injury to the temporal lobe



Complete name: Monsieur Elephant
Approximate age:
2.5 weeks
Cause of death:
Profuse hemorrhaging from the foot and ear



Complete name: Ducky
Approximate age:
4 months
Cause of death:
Several breaks in the cervical and lumbar spine; sustained blow to the dorsal scapular artery



Complete name: Orange Monkey
Approximate age:
1 week
Cause of death:
Acute damage to the frontal and temporal lobes; brain hemorrhage



Complete name: Norman from The Secret Lives of Pets
Approximate age:
2.5 months
Cause of death:
Immense grief from loss of hearing





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