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An obsession with 100% rye bread

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When I took the “What nationality should you actually be?” quiz on Playbuzz and got “German”, I secretly believed it was true. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I am as un-German as one can get — not only do I have brown skin and dark eyes, I’m also perpetually late for everything. But every autumn in Melbourne, my fictional northern European roots emerge in the form of an intense craving for and […]

Gram magazines collected (and an exercise in identifying ingredients)

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You often hear about dogs doing naughty things when their owners aren’t around — eating homework, chewing on shoes, digging holes where they’re not supposed to. Well I know how those owners feel, even though I don’t own a dog (yet). While I was at work a few days ago, The Husband, aka Substitute Pet, threw out about a third of my Gram magazines, a collection I had been carefully putting together for the past […]