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Books people read at the retreat in Greece

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So this is my super delayed new year’s day post. 2015 was nightmare-ish in many  ways and one of the catastrophic low-lights was missing David Pearson‘s workshop in August. When I heard that one of my all-time design heroes was coming to Melbourne the same time I would be away in Paros on a yoga retreat, I was livid. I know, I know, I can’t have cake (or in this case, baklava) and eat it […]

Gram magazines collected (and an exercise in identifying ingredients)

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You often hear about dogs doing naughty things when their owners aren’t around — eating homework, chewing on shoes, digging holes where they’re not supposed to. Well I know how those owners feel, even though I don’t own a dog (yet). While I was at work a few days ago, The Husband, aka Substitute Pet, threw out about a third of my Gram magazines, a collection I had been carefully putting together for the past […]

The anatomy of an inspirational message

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Everywhere I turn these days, be it on the street or on my social media accounts, I see hand-lettered messages in brush and ink telling me that “There’s not a hint of mediocrity in you” or to “Love your own wild.” Ugh. It’s like Oprah had sex with a hipster graphic designer and decided to spew their love-making all over the places I go to… on purpose. Vomit. Don’t get me wrong. It is VERY […]

Things publishers say to book designers

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Question: What does one do with this collection of cover design briefs amassed over a period of 2 years? Answer: Extract words and phrases that repeat themselves over and over again and turn them into collages using old-school cut and paste! No computers, no Google Images — just these four magazines that were destined for the bin, this beautiful European paper sample book (to represent all the things that aren’t allowed in educational publishing),  a […]