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Books people read at the retreat in Greece

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So this is my super delayed new year’s day post. 2015 was nightmare-ish in many  ways and one of the catastrophic low-lights was missing David Pearson‘s workshop in August. When I heard that one of my all-time design heroes was coming to Melbourne the same time I would be away in Paros on a yoga retreat, I was livid. I know, I know, I can’t have cake (or in this case, baklava) and eat it […]

List 082: Aliases used by Jasper when commenting on this blog

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To the person with the most (and most obscure) comments on, happy birthday! 1) Fans of Venus Ibarra in response to List 081: Shit in our pantry I should have easy access to but don’t (in reference to first in, first out) 2) DOLE is not only a pineapple in response to List 058: Firsts for 2011, specifically “The First time I’ve held a job for 3 years (1 May)” (in reference to Labour […]