An obsession with 100% rye bread

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When I took the “What nationality should you actually be?” quiz on Playbuzz and got “German”, I secretly believed it was true. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I am as un-German as one can get — not only do I have brown skin and dark eyes, I’m also perpetually late for everything. But every autumn in Melbourne, my fictional northern European roots emerge in the form of an intense craving for and obsession with dark rye bread. I’m not entirely sure how it all started, but when the weather drops below 20 degrees, I find myself in a bakery having a jovial conversation with the baker about the difference between a Schwarzbrot and a Borodinsky —  all while wolfing down a thick slice of malty, aniseed-y goodness smothered in salted butter.

This year I decided to document this obsession and as a result, I probably have enough bread to last me through to next autumn. (The Husband asked if Jesus had been in our kitchen because it looked like someone had miraculously multiplied loaves of rye to feed the masses.) Here’s where I found the top baker’s dozen and how much I liked each of them.

Typeset in Axioforma by Galin Kastelov and Sabon Italic by Jan Tschichold



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  1. Mary Ferrier says

    I love it ALL Reg .. your programme
    I am hooked on my rye flake museli ( high prortein )
    I will leave you some at the studio
    I skipped plane meals and had Natural Tucker and peanut butter sandwiches all the way to Europe once
    Great survey
    Will keep exploring w you xx
    Thank you for sending it

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