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An obsession with 100% rye bread

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When I took the “What nationality should you actually be?” quiz on Playbuzz and got “German”, I secretly believed it was true. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I am as un-German as one can get — not only do I have brown skin and dark eyes, I’m also perpetually late for everything. But every autumn in Melbourne, my fictional northern European roots emerge in the form of an intense craving for and […]

A year of shifting spaces

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Seriously random shit

I often find it trite and a wee bit cringeable when people do a retrospective on “the year that was” or do a countdown of “the top” whatever for the year. Yet here I am at the beginning of 2017, struck down with food poisoning, bored out of my head without anything much to do except reflect on the year that was. But whether this bout of sentimentality is caused by salmonella or not, I […]