Gram magazines collected (and an exercise in identifying ingredients)

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You often hear about dogs doing naughty things when their owners aren’t around — eating homework, chewing on shoes, digging holes where they’re not supposed to. Well I know how those owners feel, even though I don’t own a dog (yet). While I was at work a few days ago, The Husband, aka Substitute Pet, threw out about a third of my Gram magazines, a collection I had been carefully putting together for the past 36 months. He denied it of course, claiming that I had just forgotten and probably used them to clean the windows. I wanted to kill him. At least a dog would look at you with sad, guilty eyes and attempt to win back your affection by making appropriately cute, remorseful noises, but this one just kept denying he had done anything wrong. Bad, bad, Substitute Pet!

So before he throws any more out, I decided to do a post about them here. I like this magazine because I often use it as a case-in-point whenever I’m asked whether print as a medium will eventually die off. My answer is always no — print and digital will live together peacefully and will continue inform each other, as proven by this printed monthly compilation of online blogs about food and drink in Melbourne.

But the real reason I’ve been enthusiastically collecting Gram is much more cosmetic: Not only do I get a kick out of figuring out the featured ingredient on the cover every month, it’s one of the few magazines that have religiously stuck to their distinctive cover formula. When you put a bunch of them together, they make for a great rainbow gradient! (Sadly, gradient isn’t as smooth as it could be, no thanks to Substitute Pet.)

Set in Brandon Grotesque by HvD




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