Crazy things I made with jam last winter

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Seriously random shit


1. Because I don’t like winter fruit and decided this winter that my two-a-day fruit requirement would be met by consuming jam;
2. Because there was a shitload of stuff in the pantry that needed to go;
3. Because I like eating weird food combinations that sound wrong.

A small disclaimer: I’m not by any means saying that all of these were wonderfully delicious. In fact, there were a few concoctions that even a starving child in a third world country would want to spit out, bury deep in the ground, and pray that no other living creature would have to eat something so foul ever again. There were however, some WINNING flavours like the papaya and lime jam dressing and the rosemary and apple jelly tostaditas which, despite Nutrition Australia’s best intentions, may become staples in my two fruit-a-day diet all year round.

Set in Bello Small Caps by Underware











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