The Dark Chocolate Haul of 2014

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I can’t not take a photo before I eat this all up. The packaging is too gorgeous not to be photographed.


1. Vivani Organic (92%)
Vivani is readily available at my local grocer but I always have trouble getting the 92%.

2. That-Greek-brand-that-has-fantastic-blue-packaging-but-I-can’t-figure-out-what-it’s-actually-called (70% and 60% with hazelnuts)
I always get a stash of these at the supermarket whenever I’m in Greece. They’re most likely made from Forastero like most commercial chocolate, but for something that’s mass-market, it’s pretty damn delicous.

3. Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat single origin (70-80% range)
Now this is THE good stuff. Cacao and Vietnam aren’t often put together, but two French guys are actually making these decadent bars from beans locally grown in various regions of Saigon. Not only do they taste amazing, the packaging is amazing too, with gold stamping and lovely tactile paper.

4. Valor dark chocolate with mint (70%) – not featured in photo
This sadly did not make it to Australian shores. It died quietly in my stomach somewhere over the Arabian sea. I thought I should honour its memory by mentioning it in this list — after all, it gave me some relief from the pain of sitting with about 200 old, cranky Greeks on the 13-and-a-half hour flight from Doha to Melbourne.

Valor dark chocolate with mint
19 September 2014
++ You were delicious ++


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