Death row’s final meals

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This is absolutely brilliant work by Henry Hargreaves.

It also makes me wonder about the chefs/cooks who prepare these final meals. Would they feel immense pressure to cook THE perfect meal? Would they feel sympathy for the inmates? Or it it just another day at work?

From Vice:
Henry Hargreaves is no TV chef. Rather than trying to save the country one school dinner at a time or “throw together a crostini,” he’s made a name for himself making and photographing such gastronomical fancies as edible rainbows and deep fried iPads. But it’s his No Seconds project that he’s become best known for, in which he recreated the last meals of various serial killers on death row and presented them in a chilling photo series.

Looking through the set gives you a tangible, almost sensory window into the minds of condemned men. And in a world where we’re overwhelmed with hundreds of filtered pictures of food every day, it’s pretty amazing to find a photo of mint chocolate ice cream that actually makes you think.


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