List 085: Five bags of M&M’s deconstructed

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Thank god for the yellow-themed morning tea at work… how else would I have justified arranging the contents of 5 bags of M&Ms according to colour?

MM_tally-1 MM_tally-2 MM_tally-3 MM_tally-4 MM_tally-5MM_tally-6

Some interesting findings:

  1. A new grey colour exists. At first I thought it was some sort of poor neglected albino M&M, but after having re-read the packet, it turns out that the grey replaces the brown in bags that are part of M&M Australia’s Time Machine Competition. Details here.
  2. There are different shades of red M&Ms, depending on the type (peanut, crispy, milk chocolate). The rest of the colours are homogenous.
  3. Blue is the most dominant colour in the Milk Chocolate bags. However, there were only 5 blue ones in the Peanut bag.
  4. Yellow is the least dominant colour overall. Being a lover of yellow, I found this preposterous.
  5. There are an equal amount of red and blue M&Ms overall (138 pieces each)
  6. The Crispy M&Ms are rounder than the Peanut ones. (Thank you Tess for pointing that out!)

1 Comment

  1. Aesop Crow, no relation to Sheryl says

    (with hint of panic)- do I scoop water into the jars to get the M&Ms to float?

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