List 082: Aliases used by Jasper when commenting on this blog

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To the person with the most (and most obscure) comments on, happy birthday!

1) Fans of Venus Ibarra
in response to List 081: Shit in our pantry I should have easy access to but don’t (in reference to first in, first out)

2) DOLE is not only a pineapple
in response to List 058: Firsts for 2011, specifically “The First time I’ve held a job for 3 years (1 May)” (in reference to Labour Day in the Philippines)

3) We never dreamed that someone like you could collect someone like me
in response to Collection 005a: My headband collection

4) Pirate being chased by a crocodile
in response to Collection 002: Rs on my work space (Rrrrrrr!)

5) Guilty feet have got no rhythm
in response to List 036: Entertainers who come to Australia (with accompnaying George Michael video)

6) Ignatius
in response to List 45: Colours I’ve named (on the absence of Ateneo blue)

7) Ruffa G
in response to List 046: Films seen at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2011, specifically on Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (this completely went over my head)

8) Amanda Huggen Kiss slash Heywood U. Cuddleme
in response to List 038: My Bookmarks on Firefox (huh?)

9) Inspector Numero
in response to List 080: Ten numbers while waiting for food (with email address

10) Passing of time
in response to List 071: Book covers I designed today (with email address

11) Is Siguro
in response to List 035: Books read in 2011 (with email address

12) Blanco and Gutierrez
in response to List 036: Entertainers who come to Australia (with email address ackielou&


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