List 081: Shit in our pantry I should have easy access to but don’t

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I fully intended on calling this list “Sugar and spice and everything nice” but felt it didn’t aptly capture the annoyance that comes with having a pantry that’s deep rather than wide. Because neither Special Man Friend nor I are particularly blessed with long limbs, good eyesight or sharp memories*, we constantly end up having multiples of the same thing—5 boxes of the same brand of rooibos tea, 2 bottles of 2 different brands of garam masala, 6 jars of 6 different types of olives. And no matter how many times I arrange, re-arrange and label things, various condiments seem to magically sprout legs and walk into the dark abyss at the back of the pantry.

For the first time EVER on this blog, I’ve made a list that actually serves some practical function. It’s a field guide of sorts to the cacophony of the jars, boxes and bottles on low turnover shelves**, so that even if I don’t physically see them, I know they’re there. So watch out, jar of un-pitted Manzanilla olives, I’m watching you… always watching you….

*short limbs, bad eyesight and bad short term memory is a rather disastrous combination for the state of one’s cupboards, but an extremely useful excuse for squirming out of window or mirror-cleaning duties.
** low turnover shelves: contain things that stay in the pantry for several months to a year


Download the PDF here



  1. Fans of Venus Ibarra says

    Laging tandaan, sabi ni ma’am, ang mga “first in,” sila dapat ang “first out.”

    • Do you think Venus Ibarra would have jars of un-pitted Manzanilla olives too? :)

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