List 078: People I caught up with in 2012

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Special Man Friend always accuses me of being highly sociable despite my quiet ways. I’ve always objected, saying that there’s nothing extraordinary about my social life and that there are many many more people with a much much more active social calendar than I have. But looking back at my diary, I was quite surprised by the range of people I caught up with in 2012 — and by range, I mean a huge gamut. There were those who I’d met for the first time during a work trip or doing yoga while on an 18-hour transit in Hongkong. There were people who I hadn’t seen since I graduated from primary school in 1991. Then there were my dear parents and university friends who I hadn’t seen in 5 whole years.

I hate it when Special Man Friend turns out to be right :)

To everyone, thanks for making 2012 a colourful one for me and I look forward to more catch-ups in 2013 and in the years to come!

• “Caught up” means meeting someone/a bunch of people socially outside normal daily routines (ie work, yoga, home)

• To download the PDF version, click here.

People in 2012



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