Food Across the Road

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This isn’t so much a list as an info graphic, but it IS an info graphic based on a handwritten MONSTER list. It’s also probably the most involved entry I’ve done by far—it took me a year to collect the data and three days to analyse and design.

This goes out to Mark, Jodie, and the rest of the staff at the Tree View Cafe, for providing gastronomic wonderment and surprise to OUPANZ Melbourne’s lunch hour for many years. The phrase “Are you going across the road?” holds dear in our hearts and we will continue to eagerly wait for your menus in our inboxes everyday at 9.15am.

A Year at the Tree View Cafe: A review of food served from 28 september 2011 to 28 september 2012
(designed in the official green and orange of the Tree View logo)
Click here to download the A2 PDF version


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