List 073: Self-inflicted injuries in the past 5 days

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1) Thursday
I stubbed my left big toe getting into Supta Urdhva Pada Vajrasana. The toe bled and the nail came loose but luckily didn’t fall off. It throbbed mercilessly for the next three days though.

2) Sunday
What do you get for having a hissy fit right in the middle of doing Supta Kurmasana? A tight chest and clenched buttocks… and an extremely sore lower back the next day.

3) Monday morning
A full 1 Litre shampoo bottle slipped out of my hand fell on my left foot while I was in the shower. I could use many analogies to describe the anguish caused by a 2 kilogram bottle of shampoo falling on your foot, so all I’m going to say is that it was pretty fuckin painful.

4) Monday evening
I was draining pasta over the sink and managed to pour boiling water all over my right elbow. I screamed so loud that I could hear a neighbour passing by stop in his/her tracks. The bastard never knocked on our door to ask if I was ok.

This series of unfortunate events debunks the myth that bad things happen in threes. It also reinforces the fact that 5 and a half years of practising awareness through daily asana and meditation unravels very very swiftly when one throws a hissy fit at the world at large (read: PMT). The universe strikes back faster than you can say “bad karma”.



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