List 069: R & E’s Speciali-tea Range

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The husband

WHAT: A fictional range of teas that has been the topic of much discussion in our household over the past few days.

WHY: Partly because I came home one day with a box of Maharashi Ayurveda’s Tranquili-tea from the markets (“Tea for peace of mind”), but mostly because special man friend and I think we’re hilarious.

1) Tea for the Greeks: Austeri-tea
2) Tea for women who want many children: Fertili-tea
3) Tea for women who can’t conceive: Infertili-tea
4) Tea for comedians: Hilari-tea (as you can see, we’ve been drinking lots of this)
5) Tea for sporty people: Activi-tea
6) Tea for bendy people: Elastici-tea
7) Tea for people in disaster zones: Calami-tea
8) Tea for everyone: Humani-tea
9) Tea for the Irish when Ireland was known as the Celtic Tiger: Prosperi-tea (also applicable to the ancient Romans, the ancient Greeks and the Japanese in the 1980s)
10) Tea for the Nazis and Neo-Nazis: Superiori-tea
11) Tea badly needed by wankers: Humili-tea
12) Tea that Beast served to Belle: Beau-tea
13) Tea for people who are rude: Nas-tea
14) Tea that never runs out: Infini-tea
15) Tea for aggressive people: Hostili-tea
16) Tea for followers of Jesus: Christiani-tea
17) Tea for every decade of your life: Twen-tea, Thir-tea, For-tea, Fif-tea, etc.
18) Tea for people who can use their left and right hands equally well: Ambidexteri-tea
19) Tea with many uses: Versatili-tea
20) Tea with many types: Varie-tea
21) Tea for yoga people: Om shan-tea, shan-tea, shan-tea
22) Tea for imaginative people: Creativi-tea
23) Tea for people with no imagination: Conformi-tea
24) Tea for people who have nothing better to do with their time: Frivoli-tea


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