List 068: The DVD Vile Pile (or Movies Watched from 15 June to 22 July 2012)

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The husband

Once in a blue moon, the Abos-McCarthy household undergoes a peculiar change that defies the nature of its obsessive residents: we let go of crap. This winter, Eoin decided that our DVD collection was going to be the unwilling victim of unmerciful culling. But before D-day (the day we head over to Dixon’s Recycled to sell off the unwanted), we decided to Blitzkrieg our way through the movies and TV series that have been sitting on our shelves for years without ever being watched. Yep, it’s the dreaded Vile Pile: a strange amalgam that includes Eoin’s “I’ll-watch-that-some-day” war documentaries and my own 3-hour features from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, otherwise known as the “what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking”s.

So for the past five weeks, we endured HOURS of these films, the most boring, dated, badly acted and violent films known to man. (Surprisingly though, there were a few treasures amidst the rubbish. We’ve decided that these will NOT make the D-day trip**) 


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