List 043: Top ten things that disturb me

comment 1
Seriously random shit

1 being mildly disturbing, 10 being deeply disturbing

1) Complete strangers who Google me and read my blogs (But friends and family who do this don’t bother me.)
2) Circus freaks in third world countries
3) Plastic sleeves on my desk and plastic bags in my kitchen
4) Incorrect punctuation, spelling and/or grammar
5) Child prostitution and child labour
6) Finding out that Passion Foods has run out of stock of millet bread
7) The Dalai Lama on MasterChef Australia
8) Midget sex*
9) Finding out that my food had been zapped in the microwave
10) People more anal than me

Thank you Kris Sabaroedin for coming up with the brilliant idea for this list!

* I deleted the original entry for #8: Force justified paragraphs with tight or loose lines. I think that bad typography is frustrating rather than disturbing. Midget sex definitely deserves a place in the top 3.


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