List 036: Entertainers who come to Australia

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Seriously random shit

As much as I love living in Melbourne and think that Australians are lovely, I’ve always felt like Australia is one big country town. Perhaps it’s because it’s so far away from everyone else on the planet or perhaps it’s because of its roots as a dumping ground for Britain’s finest convicts, but Australia lags behind in so many areas, relative to other parts of the developed world.

Case in point: international entertainers who come to Australia. It amuses me to no end that people whose careers have died at that moment in the 80s when we all realised that Madonna wasn’t really a virgin are STILL doing LIVE TOURS in Australia today! But that all adds to the Australian charm I guess :)



  1. reg says

    It’s amazing how people here actually know the lyrics to the song… He looks so much like a D.O.M!!!

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