List 034: Eoin’s Plants

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The husband

For an alpha male whose interests include (in no particular order) motorbikes, Arsenal, dogs, Arsenal, women in high heeled shoes, Arsenal, and violent movies, I find it both amusing and intriguing that special man friend uncharacteristically seems to have an on-going love affair with his potted plants. Every night as I enter his flat (a.k.a. Dark Cave), he proceeds to tell me all about how new leaves have grown on this plant, how leaves have fallen off on that plant, and occasionally and with mild frustration, how he turned on the hot water tap during his fortnightly watering ritual and accidentally killed this plant. I would have never thought that anything apart from fungi and mushrooms would ever grow in Dark Cave, but these plants have somehow miraculously survived the no-sunlight conditions. Stubbornly resilient like their owner I guess.


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