List 025: My favourite fashion labels

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Seriously random shit

I have officially overspent on clothes in 2010. (I also have now noticed that I like starting my blog entries with broad sweeping statements.) I’ve always been a clothing fiend, but my interest in fashion has peaked in the past two years, due in part to my special man friend who has been constantly egging me on to change my “frumpy conservative office look.” And I can tell you, it didn’t take much egging on at his end!

Unfortunately, along with this peak of retail madness has also come a peak in my credit card debt. THE new year’s resolution for 2011 therefore is to have a meagre $60 clothing budget per month, and a 0$ budget per month on shoes until the debt has been reduced to the size of a small child. So whilst my power to purchase those Danish wedged boots has been temporarily curtailed, there is nothing to stop me writing about the brands (long live the capitalist empire!) that have graced my overflowing closet over the past two years.

1) G-star Raw
2) ESS
3) Claud Maus
4) Complex Geometries
5) Converse
6) Bul
7) Saxony
8) Issey Miyake

1) Trippen
2) John Fleuvog

Yoga gear:
Lululemon (I LOATHE the brand, but love the clothes, if that makes any sense)


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