List 021: Comfort food

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Food through the years that I couldn’t get enough of:

1) Fried chicken and carrot coleslaw made by Tita Tess: made everyday for lunch during my gradeschool and high school days
2) Fried/grilled whole bangus and rice made by Tita Tess
3) Utan bisaya with shrimp made by Tita Tess
4) Sinigang na baboy made by Tita Tess
5) Sinigang na bangus made by Tita Tess
6) Sinigang na hipon made by Tita Tess
7) Chicken tinola made by Tita Tess
8 ) Pinakbet from Ken Afford: with Je after 6-9pm accounting class
9) Sisig a la Domeng from Ken Afford (aka heart attack on a sizzling plate): with Heightsers
10) 2 piece chicken (thighs) + rice from Jollibee: delivery or at Jollibee Greenbelt on my way home from work
11) Tapa King from Tapa King: delivery or dine in on Abada Street
12) Batchoy from Carlos Batchoy: after art class or on Saturday lunch from the market or the dentist; this is the only way I’ll have liver
13) Lucky Me instant La Paz Batchoy (on a starving college student budget)
14) Laing: came in a frozen pack from Rustan’s
15) Monggo soup with malunggay and shrimp made by Tita Tess
16) Palak Paneer with basmati rice from The Classic Curry Company: introduced by Dave and Anthia and delivered to Hanover Street
17) Beef larb with rice from Ying Thai: introduced by Prae; dinner/lunch on a depressing Sunday
18) Solomillo tips from Dulcinea: with Ef or by myself after mass at Greenbelt
19) Longsilog from McDo (after 7.30am mass with Rocky at dela Strada)
20) Galette Breton from Cafe breton
21) Tacos from McJoy (after swimming training at YMCA)
22) Beef casserole type thing from Country Waffle (can’t remember the name!!!) + iced tea: before a movie with ef and rocky
23) Vegetable and rice noodle soup from Lynx barbecue: every Wednesday on market day
24) Scallop/ginger and shallot dumplings from Lynx barbecue: every Wednesday on market day
25) Pork steamed rice from Ding Qua Qua/Harbor City: every weekend with the family
26) Buchi from Ding Qua Qua/Harbor City: every weekend with the family
27) Sesame balls from Dragon Boat: whenever I’m at JB hifi or G-Star Raw; same as #26 really
28) Orange and Almond cake from Babka: whenever I feel oppressed by life and the world at large
29) Pecan pie from Babka: with Tina
30) Vegetarian dumpling soup from that restaurant in the Target Centre: by myself after work or with Eoin on Saturdays
31) Bird ‘n Brie burger from Grill’d + pomegranate iced tea: by myself or with Nathan
32) Chips at Grill’d: by myself or with Nathan
33) Fish skewer from Clamms in Albert Park: with Sue
34) Vegetable stir fry with ginger at Ora Thai: Monday lunch at OUP before Thomas Dux grocery shopping
35) Thai green stir fry at Balas: with Eoin after Monday or WEdnesday yoga class
36) Rice paper rolls + vegetable rice noodle soup at Cafe 58: on a night when I feel like treating myself
37) Rice paper rolls + vegetable rice noodle soup at Lam Lam: before an acupuncture appointment with Raffaele
38) Peking duck from Old Kingdom: with Stella and Dianne
39) Spaghetti with pesto from Yum Yum Tree in Rustan’s: on a quiet Sunday after grocery shopping
40) Roast duck noodle soup from that restaurant in the Target Centre: alone from work
41) Grilled salmon ramen from Ajisen Ramen: alone from work or with Eoin on a Saturday
42) Avocado, poached eggs + gluten free toast at Via Volare: during Eoin’s coffee time
43) Katsudon from Kamirori: gooey egg on pork and rice for lunch/dinner with Heightsers
44) Sisig from Dencios: with beer on a night out with friends
45) Lechon from CNT Lechon: whenever there’s a party at home; then reincarnated as lechon paksiw three days after the feast
46) Fried chicken from Pancake House
47) Prawn tom yum soup from Ying Thai 2
48) Chicken and pesto Piadina: with Rocky and Ef at Greenbelt 3 foodcourt after/before a movie
49) Gluten+dairy-free chocolate brownie or chocolate and orange meringue from The Vegetable Connection: after Sunday yoga practice or while waiting for laundry; thank you Prishanti for the freebies
50) Bunch of lunch from Shakeys pizza: 1 slice pizza, chicken, Mojo potatoes; Katipunan lunch get-togethers
51) Mother’s Fried Chicken with coleslaw: after church at Pink Sisters
52) Lechon Kawali/Liempo from Manang’s: lunch while working at CFJ; lunch while studying in Ateneo
53) 3-pice Siomai with chili oil and rice from Ateneo Caf: Tuesdays and Thursdays lunch
54) Beef stroganoff: from that Kiosk right outside the pubroom in Ateneo; with Neva and Ernan
55) Pancit palabok: I’m not quite sure who used to bring this in or where I eat it, but I just remember this being served at parties on a huge foil-lined bayong with chicharon, hard-boiled egg and kalamansi slices on top.
56) Chicharon (with meat): the place outside Science High that cooked the chicharon at 3pm when we were at the gym for PE
57) Tikoy: made at home, brought in by Dad from one of his chinese friends or by Tita Helen
58) Chicken adobo: Ironically, I only started making this when I moved to Melbourne; used Rocky’s recipe which was dictated to me over yahoo messenger; cooked most of the time in Mentone
59) Chicken arroz caldo: made by Tita Tess whenever I was sick at home
60) Lentil stew/bolognaise: something I make when I’ve got about 2 hours of cooking time to spare
61) Cookies and Cream Magnolia ice cream in cone from Foodland: after school treat at CIS
62) Bistek/Tocino from Binalot: with Rocky and Efren at Citiland during the poverty-stricken days
63) Brothers burger from Brothers Burger: delivered to my door in Makati apartments
64) Adobo flakes with quesong puti at Cafe Bola: with Jas in Cubao and later on in Greenbelt 4
65) Hainanese chicken rice and iced chrysanthemum tea from North Park: delivered to my door Makati apartments
66) Rice and feta balls at Borscht, Vodka and Tears: favourite after uni snack
67) Kamote cue: from the street vendor on Labogon Road
68 ) Sunburst fried chicken with chips: for birthdays and Sundays; also an after-movie dinner at Century 21
69) Jun-jun and Malou’s chicken barbecue: for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays while at CIS
70) Palitaw: at the canteen in Science High
71) Fried tuna with onions and tomato with rice made by Tita Tess

My salivary glands are now driving me absolutely insane so I’m going to stop now.



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