List 020: Reg and Eoin’s Dictionary of Made-up Words

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The husband

caterpult (noun/verb) Eoin’s interpretation of the word “catapult” origins: bastardized English
Eoin while lying in bed one night: Wouldn’t it be great if we could just caterpult ourselves from Fitzroy to the beach?
Reg: What’s a caterpult?
Eoin: You know, the contraption used to launch things into the air.
Reg: It’s a caTApult
Eoin: No, it’s a caTERpult
Reg: caTApult!
Eoin: caTERpult!! (This goes on for another 5 minutes until Reg sighs and goes to sleep)

druggery (collective noun) Reg’s collection of food supplements; usage: Oh dear, I forgot to take my druggery at lunch today.

midgeteen (adjective) having midget-like features; usage: Reg bolts down the staircase, her midgeteen legs moving with cat-like agility.

mockmeatahmidinejad (noun) refers to “meat” made from processed soy; is also the only way Eoin can remember the current Iranian president’s name; usage: 1) Reg sometimes puts in mockmeatahmidinejad into the vegetable stir-fry she makes. 2) Mockmeatahmidinejad was on TV again today, scorning all of Israel.

periodizing (verb) menstruating; to bleed monthly; usage: I can’t practice today. I’m periodizing.

platterpus (noun) Eoin’s interpretation of the word “platypus”; may also refer to a cat sitting on a large plate; origins: bastardized English
Eoin on naming Australian widlife: …echidna, possum, wombat, women on Brunswick street, kangaroo, platerpus…
Reg: What’s a platerpus?
Eoin: You know, the mammal that lays eggs.
Reg: A plaTYpus!
Eoin: plaTERpus!
Reg: Perhaps we can put the platerpus in the caterpult and fly it down Brunswick street?

PolPoteen (adjective) having characteristics of the Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot; harsh, menacing; usage: You look quite PolPoteen in that army jacket.

VamDumpty (noun) a fictional character possessing the characteristics of both a vampire and Humpty Dumpty; usage: VamDumpty sucked the blood off all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, turning them into vampires with egg-shaped heads.


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