List 013: Sounds that annoy me

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Seriously random shit

Of the 5 senses, sound is probably the one I respond to the most. Hence, when it’s THAT time of the month or any other time when I’m feeling gloriously cranky, certain sounds just drive me over the edge.

1) Cutlery scraping on plates
2) A bunch of Thai women together in the same room with a bunch of Cantonese women, speaking very excitedly in their own languages all at the same time. Nasal + nasal = death of an eardrum
3) Cath and Kim and everyone else who sounds like them. And oh, Hughsie’s voice too.
4) People who repeat their sentences about 3 times before they move on to the next thought
5) The words “No” and “So” said with a thick Australian accent. * Shudder *
6) Non-stop whinging/complaining


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