List 011: Typefaces I love

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1) Sentinel: Versatile with a friendly, well-grounded personality.


2) Matrix II OT Italic: Love the elegant little curves on this one.


3) Georgia: Even if this was designed by evil Microsoft, it’s still my favourite on-screen typeface.


4) Bembo: A rock solid typeface that every book designer must have.


5) Architype Van Doesberg: An anal piece of work (and naturally, right up my alley). Each stroke is exactly the same width and each letter occupies the same amount of space. Beauty!


6) Baskerville italic: If Audrey Hepburn were a font, she would be the understatedly elegant Baskerville italic.


7) Clarendon: Started using this at uni and has stuck ever since. Bold, unpretentious and straightforward.


8 ) Caecilia: I almost always use this with Clarendon. I’m a slab serif kida girl.


9) New Alphabet: Now THIS is snobbery at its finest. Who cares if I’m not legible? I’m beautiful and that’s all that matters.


10) Pistili Roman: Flamboyance isn’t normally my thing, but with a gorgeous ampersand and lower case f, I decided that a bit of flair is my thing afterall!


11) Plastica: Reminiscent of my doodles in high-school where I’d sketch drop shadows on every piece of type that would catch my interest. Negative space is beautiful.


12) Akzidenz Grotesque Light Condensed: Compact. Composed. Careful.


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