List 008: My mobile phones through the years

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A phone change is in the air. I can smell it. The Apple-loving designer in me dictates that the iPhone 4 should be my next gadget of choice, but I feel pangs of guilt about making the switch from Nokia. My loyalty to Nokia has remained strong and steadfast over the 10 years I’ve had a mobile phone and I feel like I’m about to trade in a trusty boyfriend for a hot, sexy new lover. But I also know deep in my heart, it’s time to move on. It’s not you, Nokia. It’s me.

1) Nokia 5110
My first ever mobile. The switch from a pager to a mobile phone was tres tres exciting!

2) Nokia 8210
Good, reliable phone. Passed on to my auntie after deciding it was too boring.

3) Nokia 8850
Bought this second-hand and have learnt never to buy a second-hand phone again! The screen kept dropping out, but I kept it anyway because it looked cool. Lost it in a cab from a night out at Dencio’s!

4) Nokia 6610
My first phone with a coloured screen. Had this one for a looooong time, got tired of it and the universe helped me out by making me leave it in a cab after another night out.

5) Nokia e65
My first phone with a camera and internet access. Didn’t really use the 3G feature though until I had the cycling accident and was stuck in E’s internet-less flat for a week. Which was about 2 years after I had purchased the phone. I’m not that slow on technology take-up, now am I?


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  1. Caz says

    Love it, I also left my lovely nokia behind, but flirted with an Erickson (dont judge me) before I embraced the iphone with my heart and soul…. :)

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