List 003: Where to get vegetarian dumplings

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Growing up in Cebu, my palette naturally longs for those two salty, MSG-laden Chinese dishes that have become a staple in every Cebuano’s diet: pork steamed rice and quail egg siomai. Nothing beats the combination of greasy pork gravy slopped unceremoniously on a bowl of white rice and 3 steamed pork and shrimp dumplings topped with half an overcooked hard-boiled quail egg. This was heaven to me.

Unfortunately, the only thing that could vaguely suggest that this meal had some nutritive value were the 5 dots of green peas drowning in the sea of brown gunk. Given my current tendency towards orthorexia, the best compromise I could come up with is veggie dumplings. It’s not quite the heaven I used to know, but in dairy-free, gluten-free land, this comes close:

  1. Oriental Tea House: Little Collins St, CBD (my rating: 9.5/10)
  2. Hu Tong Dumpling Bar: Market Lane, CBD (my rating: 9/10)
  3. Shanghai Village: Little Bourke St, CBD (my rating: 5/10)
  4. Plume: Doncaster Road, Doncaster (my rating: 9/10)
  5. David’s: Cecil Place, South Yarra (my rating: 9.5/10)
  6. Dragon Boat: Little Bourke St., CBD (my rating: 9/10)


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