Hot on the heels of the highly successful (and highly fattening) Great Ice Cream and Gelato Tour of Melbourne, I thought I’d give frozen yoghurt a go too. And why the hell not — it’s been a blistering summer, everyone else gets excited by it and every second shop these days seems so be a […]


This is absolutely brilliant work by Henry Hargreaves. It also makes me wonder about the chefs/cooks who prepare these final meals. Would they feel immense pressure to cook THE perfect meal? Would they feel sympathy for the inmates? Or would they be disgusted by these filthy creatures who have performed horrendous crimes and therefore not […]


It is the movement as well as the sights going by that seems to make things happen in the mind, and this is what makes walking ambiguous and endlessly fertile; it is both means and end, travel and destination. –from Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit I was never a huge fan of walking. Growing up in […]


Dairy-free sorbets, frozen yogurts, bombes and ice cream sandwiches not welcome here. ***** Gelato Messina 237 Smith St, Fitzroy Flavours tasted: Salted caramel and white chocolate | Vanilla | Milk chocolate with choc peanut fudge | Poached figs in Marsala My rating: 5 out of 5 This is top of the line. NĂºmero Uno. The […]


Amazing what you notice right outside your door when you’re ambling along leisurely, not rushing to be anywhere.


The term “noodles” is used loosely here. It encompasses all sorts of noodle-like pasta such as fettucine, spaghetti, spaghettini and capellini.


1. Get the pineapple away from my pillow! 2. Are you licking my hair? 3. Please stop shimmying.